The Alpha Wolf 


Zean is a nondescript black wolf, with pale blue eyes that almost always take on a look of indifference. He is broadly built, but for a Heavytimber he is not overtly muscular, nor is he particularly lean. He is known for being straightforward and rough around the edges, as well as indifferent. Just the same, he possesses a sarcastic sense of humor and a short fuse.


The Beta Wolf: N/A


The Shaman


Carnival is a little over the size of a average Heavytimber female, her limbs are long with thick paws. Her fur is fairly fluffy, her pelt a dark warm grey pigmented with flecks of brown and beige as her undercoat. Her eye color is a dark sea-shade of blue. She is a bit of a loner, not really the social butterfly. She has a speech problem and often gets made fun of for it, She wishes to keep her packmates well and healthy no matter how insecure she is. Despite being a Heavytimber, Carnival wishes to avoid fighting altogether unlike her brute Packmates who like to rough house here and there. Overall, she is kind and elegant, able to joke around and keep a good head on her shoulders. Her mate is Forsaken and her current apprentice is Yellowfang.,+Gray+Wolf.jpg


Shaman's Apprentice 


 Her eye color is a pale gray.  She is slightly thicker built than the average Heavytimber, and she is about a half an inch taller. Her fur is darkish gray, and her face is white. The tip of her tail is cut off, due to a run-in with a hunter. She has broad shoulders, giving her strength, but as a result, not much stamina. She has unusually long and sharp claws, to help out with hunting and fighting, but she does not favor fighting. She would rather talk her way out of a fight than actually fight. She is a peaceful wolf, although she does have a hot temper when she needs to. Though its true, she is reluctant to fight, if she sees something she doesn't approve of, she will fight to change it. She owns a stag skull. Her mate is Nightfang.



Subordinate Wolves: 

Acerbis (Male)

Daenery  (Female)

Forsaken  (Male) [Mates with Carnival]

Nightfang (Male) [Mates with Yellowfang]

 Autumn (female)

Hera (female) 

 Loca (female)

Channing (male)

 Kiara (female)

Dante (male)

 Kitan (male)

Relice (female)

Tala (female) 

 Plague (male)


Juvenile Wolves:  N/A



Nightlock (male)

Feralclaw (female) 

 Rowen (male)

 Mackenize (male)


Nursing Mothers: N/A


Elders:  N/A




While the Heavytimbers and Treewalkers currently have an alliance, please note that tresspassing on Heavytimber or Treewalker territory is not excused! Anyone, who is not a Heavytimber, that is caught on Heavytimber lands will be punished! 

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