The Heavytimbers

Like their name, these wolves are rather large in size and build. Unlike their cousins the Swiftwood wolves, they are slow animals and prefer to hunt down bigger animals such as caribou and moose. The Heavytimbers own the woodland territory. They've held a long-term rivalry with the Swiftwoods for generations.

The first Heavytimber alpha, Bigfoot, was a name to be feared. Incredibly strong and fearsome, the alpha was an force to be reckoned with by rivals and packmates alike. Legend says that Bigfoot slew a cougar that had been threatening the packs; he took the creature's skull as a trophy of war and wore it, thus creating the tradition the Heavytimbers still uphold to this day. 

He was tragically killed when he suddenly fell while patrolling the cliffs, causing a widespread mourning among the pack for the beloved alpha. His body was never recovered for proper burial, and his skull mask was lost as well. While his death was labeled an accident, some say he was murdered...